Restore to Empower Charity is a non-profit 501(C)3 Organization a leader in philanthropic giving, providing mentoring, support and educational training programs for youth, abused women and kids, at-risk kids and high school dropout.

We teach our students useful trades empowering them to reach their full potential in innovative ways offering training and mentorship in fashion, sewing, art, image, and empowerment coaching.  

On researching charities,  groups and schools, there were very few that offer programs like ours. Restore to Empower is a nonprofit organization a leader in philanthropy, providing mentoring, support and educational programs for youth, abused, at-risk kids and high school dropout. The program will form partnerships with local school districts, community leaders, parents, juvenile court system and more.

    Our goals are to foster a commitment to youth that will promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills, reassert a sense of hope in the future to maintain positive impact on the community; identify youths who are going to have a turbulent transition to adulthood; offer positive support system to avoid the pitfalls that can derail their lives and to empower each youth to make positive changes in his/her life.                                                                        The founder of R2E is a survivor of domestic violence and have first-hand knowledge of the impact it has on the lives of everyone involved, so as an extension  our program we have added (Domestic  Abuse Awareness) which will assist women and children who are victims of domestic violence, including verbal, sexual and physical abuse.                                                                                                                                                                                   To accomplish this goal, young people must be in a caring, inclusive learning environment that promotes their best effort and reinforces personal respect. We believe if we invest in our youth, women and those who have been abused, neglected or underprivileged, we can build more stable, stronger, thriving community while creating a sense of purpose and belonging with each individual.to


                   We are restored to empower raising awareness, empowering, equipping, restoring, preparing, positioning working together, assisting them to reach and develop their full potential through the Arts/Sewing and Mentorship programs.


We are Restored To Empower-The Changed.


        Mentoring-Empowering-Training Through the Arts...

Empowering youth and women with tools to reach and develop their full potential through the Arts/Sewing and Mentorship programs.

Empower youth=Restore Community.               








Coulibistrie Village, Dominica
Los Angeles California

  Life Changing Experience: Restoring and Empowering our youth. Building stronger community.

 We seek to empower underprivileged, at-risk youth, disadvantaged & abused women by offering basic personal services, lifestyle coaching, mentoring, life skills and educational programs, Providing tools and resources to help them become successful. Helping them in achieving their dreams, live a more meaningful stable and productive life. Restore to Empower will focus on at-risk youth; high school drop-out ages 11-19. We want to push and encourage them to believe in themselves, to make good choices and to give them the tools that will direct them into their new phase of life. We want to stop the breakdown of our youth, we want to also build them up from where they are, not only after they are broken. Building strong communities and family and empower them to change the nations to which they are exposed. We want to create leaders, business owner, writes, and designers. We will let them know that nothing they have been through (abuse, poverty, neglect, bullying, low self-esteem, rejection, school dropout, divorce, etc. can stop them from reaching their full potential or who they were created to be. We Restore to Empower.

We offer training in sewing/fashion, building their own sewing or t-shirt businesses, GED tutoring, Mentoring, lifestyle and image coaching

Empowering Lives = Restoring Community = Molding Generations

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387A Fayette Place, Fayetteville, Ga, 30214

Tel#(678) 465-7437

R (Empower A Youth = Restore A Community)