Introduction To Natural Health-A Holistic Approach

Dr. Hadley Lawrence N.D. designate Doctor of Naturopathy is a graduate of Trinity School of Natural Health. Clinical Microscopic and certified Biofeedback Technician

Nature health is a system which utilizes nature (fruits, vegetable, herbs, etc.) and your naturally occurring environment (sunlight, ozone, water, etc.) to regain its balance increasing energy and vitality                           while returning the body to its homeostasis ( normal blood pressure, blood sugar etc.).                                   This is helpful in any disorder of the body and its function, reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases                     (diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, etc.).

Empowerment Topics:

Different aspects of self… body, mind, and spirit

Things that challenge or disrupt self... trauma, emotions, unhealthy lifestyle etc.

Recognizing benefits vs harm… some thoughts and foods can build or weaken you.

The effect of choices… what you take in through your mind or mouth can impact on your life and health

Remedy or redemption... detoxing and rebuilding

Seeking help… benefits of having a natural health provider


Natural Therapy:

Sometimes we are so trapped in ourselves that we either don’t realize that we are away from God or cannot see how to reconnect. In the physical sense, as we grabble with our worldly aspirations, desires, challenges and activities, disease can creep up on us and we don’t realize it until our medical Doctor gives us a diagnosis of an “incurable” disease or a death sentence. Most problems that afflict man do not develop overnight. Most are caused by prolong abuse and mismanagement, corrupt lifestyle and out of balance emotions. Warnings of these are given by our bodies in the form of symptoms and dis-ease. We should...

• Pay closer attention to our bodies which can save us a life of pain. 

• Utilize health checks when offered.

  • Keep a blood pressure monitor at home and check BP occasionally. 

• Become more aware of Natural Therapy Procedures that help to identify potential weaknesses and imbalances before they become chronic and degenerative. Some of these include Nutritional Biological Microscopy, Iridology, Biofeedback, and Reflexology.

• Support our body's natural detox channels with fruits, vegetables, herbs and natural procedures. 

• Observe periods of retreat from our regular routine both in the eating of food and activities to allow rest and rejuvenation. 

• Rest and relaxation are important points in the story of health because it is at these times that healing takes place. 

• Treat our body as the temple of God undefiled, and uncorrupted, allowing it to serve you with excellence according to the will of God.

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