PROJECTS & Photos from events by R2E

Small Heading

The headband Project:  The first recipient will be NC4K in Ohio.

Our hearts go out to children who suffer from this illness. (Cancer)

So many have to lose all their hair and we wanted to let them know they are beautiful and awesome with or without hair. 

We want them to know they are precious and special and that's why we took the time to pick out these names to represent their personalities and to identify them as our awesome friends. When we think of these precious babies and their family and what they go through, we can't even begin to imagine the pain they feel and the challenges they are faced with each day. We promise to pray for them daily and to do whatever I can to contribute to the cause.

One of a kind head bands for kids with cancer. Each headband is hand made.

Each head band will come with a small bag or box and a card with an encouraging note so the parents can read to the child. 

Each head band will be give a special name (positive uplifting words) to represent each recipient.

Hope. Wish. Trust. Confidence. Dream. Believe. Promise. Brighten. Laughter. Purpose. Favored. Love. Grace. Blessing. Peace. Endurance.  Healed.    Passion.  Restored. Empowered. Life. Vision. Inspire. Beauty. Imagine. Potential. Purposeful. Joy Strong. Builder. Creative. Celebrate.    Free Precious.    Diamond.   Faith.    Kindness. Vision. Secured.  Kindness. Valuable. Mercy Desire. Driven. Energy. Fabulous. Virtuous. Princess. Victory. Royalty. Masterpiece.

The project will continue throughout the year and headband will be donated to other charities. Each of these headbands are $25.00 (you can make a donation to the project.

PROJECT # 1 and #2


Los Angeles California, Atlanta Georgia, Commonwealth of Dominica., 


October 30th

*R2E Launch all white party and Island Talent Showcase

Launch Party for Organization,

Session with various artist showcasing their talent,

main focus will be painting.

Artist will use their gift to create a piece showing

their stand against sex trafficking,

rape and violence against our young.

All work showcased at the event will be donated to R2E.

*November 2ndCaring and Sharing Charity Event

(Kids deserve the best)

Restore to Empower Youth/Scholars Team, 

We will visit the hospital and deliver

gifts to all the children

ongoing support will be given to the hospital and other

youth centers as supplies become available. 

*One day workshop:,music,writing

*Luxury Fashion Show.



School Uniforms for Students charity fundraiser.

Nonprofit organization 501(C)3 

working with women, youth and  underprivileged and at-risk youth. 

Through Fashion, music, art, sewing, writing, image sports training. 


 (Help Provide a uniform for an Island Child.)

 Help us reach our goals by donating to Restore to Empower Charity Organization.

"Coming to Dominica & The Uniform Project".(Every Youth deserves a chance to make their dream come true). 

We have just launched the uniform project and I am reaching out to you for your support.

 We are looking for 150 people who can donate $50.00 to the project so each student will have a new uniform. 

We will be able to Provide 100 uniforms to at least teo school in 2017

Uniform will be made in the USA and shipped to the schools by the end of summer.

Coulibistrie Primary School
Other Primary School




Atlanta Georgia




2015 fundraiser Atlanta Ga.
Coulibistrie Dominica

Breakfast with the Children.

Roseau:  event at the park in DA.

Mission to Dominica WI

Call us:


Find us: 

387A Fayette Place, Fayetteville, Ga, 30214

Tel#(678) 465-7437

R (Empower A Youth = Restore A Community)