This practical sewing and fashion course will help you become familiar with the basics principles of operating a sewing machine.
It will help build your confidence at working with the sewing machine, and develop a range of related sewing skills which can prepare them to use
the skills they have learned towards a sewing career, work at a sewing workshop, start their own business or for their personal uses.

L.I.F.E: Laudat Institute of Fashion and Education.

Chapters will explain how to pick, understand and modify paper patterns and the proper process in the construction and assembling of the sample garments.; how to select fabrics, sewing supplies, learn basic sewing techniques, various stitching styles and seams. Coursework will also include, basic draping, how to attach interfacings and interlinings; sew darts, pleats, and gathers; create several styles of necklines, collars, waistlines, sleeves, and cuffs; hem and fastenings. Stitching both by hand and machine will be taught in class. Hands-on practice is an integral part of sewing classes. Students will also be taught basic drawing of a croquis and fashion sewing, limited basic home decoration projects. Included in our course are step-by-step instructions for basic projects like pillows, tablecloths, skirts, shirts which will allow students to apply the knowledge gained in class. Students will have the ability to create their own designs by combining, adjusting and redesigning commercial patterns. Students will have to successfully complete practical exercises and an integrated project to receive their certificate of completion.
Los Angeles California.
Student-Boys scout of America
Imagine Me Fashion, Empowerment and Image Workshop for youth

Students will create their own T-shirt design: Free Program.

At the end of the three-day training, students will participate in a fashion show with Designer Arthlene Lawrence.

(Open to the public) 

Please contact the library to sign up, only 20 seats available for the July program. Fall and winter classes coming soon.

A plain T-shirt, ½ a yard of fabric with a pattern on it, wonder under, a small bottle of fabric paint.

Fabric for Skirt  2 yards, for young men’s shorts 1 Yard, elastic, thread,

1. Iron wonder under to fabric (Wonder under is a paper-backed fusible web. It fuses easily in mere seconds.

The fabric will maintain a soft hand after fusing, great for apparel, home décor, and craft projects.

It bonds fabric to fabric)

2. We will be cutting out the pattern from the fabric to transfer on the t-shirt

3. Applying wonder under to the cutout pattern (Wonder under is like a paper glue)

4. We will iron it to the fabric and then peel the backing from the wonder under, then transfer to the shirt by ironing pattern to the t-shirt.

5. We will line around the cut out fabric we transfer on the shirt, with fabric paint.

6. Let dry for a few hours, you can wash the shirt before or after you've created your project.

We are in need of sewing supplies, material equipment, t-shirts etc. for this project, and for our fall and winter upcoming project.

Training and coaching manual (Text Book)

Sample of finish project
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