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Join us in creating strong communities and making dreams come true. We strive to create lifelong relationships that will catapult today's youth into brighter futures. If you are wanting to become a students, volunteer, or educator simply fill out the application and well be in touch soon. Thank You!



This course is written and designed to be offered in schools and communities. We provide students with the knowledge and skills through practical exercises, lectures, demonstrations, and examples to enable them with various industrial sewing techniques.

This practical sewing fashion and empowerment course will help you...

•Become familiar with the basics and advance of the sewing machine and its operation. *Students will be able to identify the parts of the machine, fabric types, sewing tool and their uses

•Build your confidence in working with a professional machine and develop a range of related sewing skills.

•Produce couture and proper high-fashion, not simply factory standard garments.

•Finish garments in a professional way, with each garment, inspected to reach couture standards of production and design.


Empowerment, setting goals, public speaking, etiquette, customer relationship, personal development and much more. We deliberately added these non-sewing essential topics/training to the course because we realized that without it, you can't build a business or a balanced lifestyle.


Sewing is a skill that I think everyone should have, basic skills in because it opens up a whole world of opportunity to you; from making home furnishings like pillows and curtains to sewing your own clothes which are custom-made for your exact size and preferences. If you can't find something in a shop, you can make it!

Image by Loren J

In this program, we will focus on the basics of

sewing and empowerment.

Students will learn to cut and sew their own garments.

The student will also participate in a final fashion show

In each class, we will work on a different module.

Project runway style-The final challenge:

Students will create a complete look

from head to toes, that depicts their

personality, style, or how they see themselves.

Prizes will be given for different categories.

Creativity & Imagination


Construction and execution

Fit and style

Best presentation

Most improved

Classroom Support

The imagine Me Runway!


Volunteers will assist in  facilitating programs that provide our youth with tools and skills that will help provide at-risk youth with an outlet and a future.

Image by Anna Earl


Educators will create and facilitate programs that provide students with the necessary learning tools to create a successful future.

Image by Adam Winger

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