Giving opens the way for receiving.

Thank you for your generosity

Restore To Empower 501(C)3 organization is dedicated and focused on helping at-risk, underprivileged,  and talented youth who may not get these opportunities on their own.

Empowering-Equipping-Training -Developing-Providing tools to help them succeed and reach their dreams.

Through Art, Fashion, Sewing, Cooking, Writing, Education, Personal Care.

How can you help?

At present we are seeking donation/sponsor and other supporters to donate to our sewing/fashion summer training, mentoring, relief and restoration fund and other ongoing projects.

Floral Mask

Hope restored "Making dreams come true"

Our newest project (Masks-UP) Protecting you and your neighbors. Donating to first responders and those who serve.
Firefighters, Law enforcement, Medical workers, Military, Elderly, At-risk health.
Next Donation to Airman-USAF.
Our goal for this week is to donate to two groups of Airmen 20-25 masks per group.
Mask Display