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Happy Family


Our programs


Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Support


Healthy Lifestyles, Holistic health, living your best life.

Natural Health and wellness 


Daily Exercise and Dance



How to eat balanced meals, suggested food guides, daily supplements suggestions.

Cooking classes


GED Classes and CPR/First Aid

Agriculture, Basic Computer Training


Sewing/fashion, Arts & Craft Therapy, Beauty classes. Students will learn to cut and sew their own garments. Start their own sewing business. Teach others to sew. Image and self care


Empowerment Mentorships/Small Business.

Empowerment, setting goals, public speaking, etiquette, customer relationship, personal development and much more. We deliberately added these non-sewing essential topics/training to the course because we realized that without it, you can't build a business or a balanced lifestyle

We offer programs where our youth can have physical, emotional, and spiritual support to the fullest extent we can 

We offer programs to teach our youth healthy lifestyles they can have for the rest of their lives  

We offer programs to teach daily exercise habits to stay healthy and active as well as dance classes

Basket ball, Football, Volleyball, Soccer

Our programs teach our youth about how to eat balanced meals, we teach how to make food guides, and we also teach about dietary supplements 

We offer classes where our youth can complete their GED and get help doing so as well as real life skills like CPR and first aid.

Basic computer training and customer service operations.

Planting and growing your own foods.

We provide youth sewing classes and teach about fashion design with hands on experience, beauty classes and hair styling, and arts and crafts therapy.

Personal care, hygiene,

Embracing who you are.

We offer our youth in our programs the chance to have a mentorship to learn new skills and make connections all with the goal of empowering our youth and communities.

How to start your own business, resume, job interviews and more.

At Restore to Empower, we focus on youth empowerment classes where have women empowering other women. Our girls youth programs all aim to give our youth all of the tools and skills they need to succeed in life. We want to teach our participants things that can stick with them and continue to for years to come. We believe in investing in our youth to make for a better future. From skills that could save lives like first aid and CPR to things like fashion design and dance where our youth can express themselves, we see value in teaching these skills. 

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